Workforce Development & Planning

Brochures for Recruiting Drinking Water and Wastewater Operators

Two brochures that can be used in the recruitment of drinking water and wastewater operators. The brochures encourage those who are entering the workforce or those looking for a career change to consider a job in drinking water/wastewater operations. The brochures talk about the benefits of jobs in the water sector, the education, training and experience that is needed for these jobs, the duties operators perform, and how drinking water/wastewater are treated.

They can be distributed at:

  • high school and college career fairs
  • high school and college career offices
  • community colleges and technical schools
  • programs that help veterans find civilian work
  • programs or offices that provide career assistance to the general public

The full-color brochures are companion pieces (similar design), but each is a stand-alone piece.

Download the brochures, which are PDFs, at the links below and print/copy them locally (supplies of pre-printed brochures are not available to order from RCAP).

Notes about printing the brochures:

  • The brochures’ two pages are meant to be printed back-to-back and then folded into thirds to form a tri-fold brochure.
  • Printer-friendly versions of the brochures (with the second page upside-down in the file) are also provided here, which enable many printers to print the two pages back-to-back automatically so that both sides are upright.
View Water Operator Brochure View Wastewater Operator Brochure