RCAP Managerial & Financial Hub

In order to protect public health and provide safe drinking water to communities, it is vital that water systems have strong managerial and financial capacity along with strong technical capacity.  Managerial capacity involves drinking water systems having the right people and the right organizational structure to ensure success.  And financial capacity involves drinking water systems having sufficient revenue, access to capital, and proper fiscal controls necessary to pay for drinking water operations and infrastructure.


RCAP’s Managerial and Financial Hub is a one-stop shop for small water systems.  The hub contains information about RCAP’s upcoming finance and management trainings.  In addition, there are links to resources on 11 finance and management topics from RCAP, EPA, and other leading organizations.  And drinking water systems can also request free technical assistance from RCAP’s network of on-the-ground experts at the bottom of the page.

Webinars & Workshops

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"Would you give car keys to someone (your child or grandparent) who has never driven a car before and then tell them they need to drive from Timbucktoo to downtown Chicago tomorrow? Of course not, but this is what sometimes happens to our small communities. I have been involved with several projects where this actually happens. The money is spent, a grant given, something new is built or upgraded, and after the dust settles everyone walks away thinking all is done. Perhaps good instruction have been left on how to turn the key on and turn up the radio. Maybe they will get lucky and figure out how to run the plant, or in this story, drive the car and get around a little, but what about checking tires, changing the oil, or financial planning for maintenance, repairs, insurance, etc...

This stuff is not hard or difficult, but, if you do not know what you do not know - who can help teach us what we need to know? This is where I see great value in RCAP, as the people who can help others learn to help themselves in the dealing of small utility financial management. Kind of like giving a person a fish so they can eat for a day, but if you teach the person how to fish...team each ‘em to fish!"

- Community Leader, Village of Poplar, Wisconsin