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RCAP Agua4All Program Partners with Waterboys and LiquidIV to Expand and Serve More Than 12,000 Students with Safe Drinking Water in Schools

December 10, 2021 By RCAP

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Liquid I.V.’s financial investment will provide access to safe drinking water to more than 12,000 students in districts with contaminated water

El Segundo, Calif., December X, 2021 – Liquid I.V., a leading company in functional hydration, is partnering with Waterboys, an initiative of the Chris Long Foundation, to install water filling stations in schools in four rural communities as part of the non-profit’s Hometown H2o program. Launched in 2019, Hometown H2o focuses on providing clean water to low-income American communities, households and schools that lack access to safe water.

Currently, more than 2 million people in the United States lack clean water access at home. Hundreds of thousands of students lack safe water at schools. A 2019 report by the Environment America Research & Policy Center and U.S. PIRG Education Fund found it is usually the fountains and faucets that are the sources of contamination, and not the water itself. Replacing the pipes could cost millions of dollars.

With the support of Liquid I.V., a mission-driven company with a history of investing in solutions that provide water access to underserved communities, the water filling stations can be built at a fraction of the cost and completed within months.

“Recognizing that in many cases across the United States, schools might be the only place where kids in underserved communities have access to clean drinking water, our decision to partner with Waterboys couldn’t have been easier,” said Sean Lavin, Vice President of Mission, Liquid I.V. “Access to clean water is a fundamental need, and proper hydration is vital for the health and growth of our kids, with a clear impact on academic performance. On behalf of our team at Liquid I.V., I couldn’t be happier to contribute to a sustainable solution.”

The water filling stations will be built in every school across the Scranton, PA, Benton Harbor, MI, Ben Bolt, TX and Riviera, TX school districts, reaching more than 12,000 students in schools which have been identified as dealing with some type of contamination issue. Liquid I.V. is contributing a notable financial investment to the Hometown H2o program to work with Waterboys through the Rural Community Assistance Partnership (RCAP) to provide:

  • Bottle filling stations in schools to help deliver safe drinking water
  • Reusable water bottles for students, teachers, and staff
  • Filters necessary or other solutions to address contamination issues
  • Student body outreach and education on safe drinking water and water as the best beverage choice
  • Training for school maintenance staff on how to maintain and sustain the filling stations and treatment where applicable

Liquid I.V. and Waterboys will install the hydration stations by teaming up with Rural Community Assistance Partnership’s (RCAP) as the implementing partner, and their Agua4All program. Agua4All was started by RCAP’s western partner, RCAC, and has since expanded to more than eight states across the country.

“The partnership with Liquid I.V. and Waterboys will help ensure that every student and teacher in these schools have access to safe drinking water and help kids achieve brighter futures,” said Nathan Ohle, CEO of RCAP. “These water filling stations will not only benefit thousands of children in underserved communities, but also their families and the communities who bear the burden of the consequences of drinking contaminated water.”

In addition, this partnership includes the support of Myles Garrett, Cleveland Browns Defensive End. He is currently the Team Captain of the NFL Waterboys, which unites NFL players and fans to provide clean, accessible water to communities in need. Garrett is also a Liquid I.V. Ambassador.

“I’m so proud of my work with Waterboys, and now with Liquid I.V., to continue to make positive changes in the lives of kids so they can access something everyone should have – clean drinking water,” said Garrett. “Improving the health and wellness of our youth through clean water and hydration is very important to me and I’m thrilled to see communities, including two in my home state of Texas, being granted with this opportunity.”

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About Liquid I.V.

Liquid I.V. is a wellness company based in El Segundo, CA, created to fuel life’s adventures. The product line features great-tasting, non-GMO electrolyte drink mixes made in the USA utilizing Cellular Transport Technology (CTT)® to enhance rapid absorption of water and other key ingredients into the bloodstream. As part of their one-to-one Giveback Mission to Change The World, Liquid I.V. has donated over 14 million servings in total to people in need around the globe. Liquid I.V. can be found in more than 30,000 doors across the country including the world’s leading specialty, big box, and online retailers including: Costco, Whole Foods Market, Target, Amazon, GNC, CVS, Walgreens, Albertsons, Hudson News, and many more. For more information, please visit

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We’re a team of athletes and fans that love to win on and off the field. Our partnership is like no other in pro sports. We come together to fight a battle no one should face – the lack of basic human rights like clean water and education access for millions. Whether it’s a neighbor down the street or across the world, we’re committed to impacting as many lives as possible. Our Waterboys initiative is working to provide clean water to more than one million people around the world, and the work we do to increase access to education resources supports and empowers children and families across the country. We create opportunities for people to become the best version of themselves, and then share that gift with others as they contribute to their communities. Together, we’re creating a world where apathy doesn’t exist. Where we’re all inspired to see a problem and solve it. To not ignore, but acknowledge and take action. We’re creating a community and a world that stands up to inequity and ensures everyone has the basic life needs we all deserve. For more information, please visit

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