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RFP: RCAP Seeks New IT Company to Perform Managed IT Services

February 6, 2024 By RCAP

The Rural Community Assistance Partnership Incorporated (RCAP) is seeking proposals for managed IT services on behalf of the organization. These are the services RCAP requires from an MSP. Please address how you would manage support for each of the services and include your pricing structure.

  • Help Desk Support – provide online and phone support with emergency access/escalation capabilities accessible remotely from across the United States. Describe in detail your help desk
    process including ticketing procedures, response times, tiers of support and pricing.
  • Business Continuity – provide support services to RCAP 24/7. Provide your standard business operating days and hours and the ability and costs for providing 24/7 support, if needed.
  • Anti-virus, anti-spam, anti-spyware and anti-malware protection. RCAP is looking for solutions to defend against security threats including phishing malware, spam and viruses. What software does your company provide, when is it installed, how is it managed.
  • Onboarding. Describe the process your company uses to add new staff to RCAPs systems and provide laptops Include logistics/shipping considerations and software installation.
  • Replacement laptops. Describe your process for monitoring when staff are due for a laptop replacement, issuance of new laptops and destruction of replaced laptops.
  • Damaged laptops. Describe the process for handing broken or damaged laptops and expected timeline for getting staff a working computer.
  • Offboarding. Describe the process when staff leave the company, including disposition of the laptop, data removal and storage and account management.
  • Hardware and software inventory tracking. How are inventories managed and information about them conveyed to RCAP?
  • Data backup. How is data backed up on staff laptops? Also provide recommendations on backing data in M365.
  • Security. Describe how your company addresses the following security concerns:
    • Windows updates on staff laptop
    • M365 access
    • Password protecƟon for staff
    • Mobile phones-as noted earlier, MDM is not currently installed on mobile phones. RCAP is willing to explore this option

Proposals must be submiƩed by Friday, February 23, 2024 at 4:00 pm Eastern Time. Email written proposals and any questions to David Fredenburgh, RCAP, [email protected]. You will be provided a wriƩen response. Please note in your email communications subject line: RCAP IT RFP.