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RCAP Regions

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Looking for assistance in your community?

Your RCAP region is a great place to start.

RCAP is a network made up of six regional partners and a national office. RCAP's national programs are implemented by its regional partners.

Each regional partner is an autonomous organization with its own governance, staff, structure, and other sources of funding. Each partner provides an array of services that directly respond to the needs of its area. These region-specific services include affordable housing-development assistance; loans for water and wastewater infrastructure, as well as housing and business development; community and economic development; job training and placement; community-based education programs; and special programming for underserved populations. 

For assistance in your area, click in the region where your state is located on the map below. Use the contact information provided on each region's website to be in touch with the RCAP regional office.

RCAP Regions Map

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