Energy Efficiency at Wastewater Treatment Facilities

Energy Efficiency at Wastewater Treatment Facilities from RCAP on Vimeo.

  • Are your community’s utility costs rising faster than revenues?
  • Are you afraid or unwilling to raise your rates?
  • How would you like to cut your utility’s energy bills by 10 to 40 percent or more?


  • 30 to 60 percent of a municipality’s energy budget is spent on the treatment of water and wastewater.
  • According to the U.S. Dept. of Energy, energy audits typically identify potential savings to the user of 10 to 40 percent, with 20 percent being the average.
  • Over the next 15 years, the cost of electricity is expected to increase by 20 percent.

This video presents to those in small, rural communities who are responsible for managing and overseeing wastewater treatment systems – boards or other governing bodies, staff and decision-makers – opportunities for saving on energy costs (many opportunities in the video also apply to drinking water facilities). The video helps these leaders find and start implementing ways to make energy use at their facilities more efficient.

Energy-saving projects implemented now will have a compounding effect, meaning energy cost savings will continue to grow into the future.

This video is not meant to be a prescription for a full and comprehensive energy audit. Because facilities can vary widely, it is to your advantage to find a professional and experienced person to perform an energy audit and tailor its findings to the uniqueness of your facilities. RCAP staff across the United States are able to carry out energy audits for drinking water and wastewater facilities. Find the contact information your RCAP region here.