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Board and Elected Official Roles, Responsibilities & Policy Development Resources

November 5, 2020 By Freilla Espinola
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  • Big Guide for Small Systems
    A comprehensive desk reference that is ideal as an orientation and background for new members on a utility’s board of directors. Designed for members of the board of a drinking water and/or wastewater system in a small community.
  • A Drop of Knowledge: The Non-operator’s Guide to Drinking Water Systems
    This guide to the operations of drinking water systems for non-technical audiences is designed to explain a typical small-community water system.
  • Board Building Blocks
    This eBulletin touchs on the general responsibilities for water system boards, tips on how best to run meetings and the water system and a few resources available to assist board members.
  • Supplying Community Water
    This video talks about what being on a governing body involves.
  • The Importance of an Operator in a Community’s Water Systems
    This video was produced to help leaders and decision-makers of systems understand what they need in an operator and what an operator does on a daily basis. It can help leaders understand how to support and equip operators with the skills and financial resources to do their job and help the operator keep the community’s system running well.
By Freilla Espinola

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