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#RCAP50: Bringing A Decentralized Wastewater System Back Into Compliance and Operation

August 24, 2023 By RCAP

Location: River Park/River Wood Hills, Minnesota
Problem: A decentralized wastewater system was failing and not meeting nitrogren parameters
Solution: Midwest Assistance Program Inc. (MAP) assisted the housing district change its operations methods

River Park is a housing district in the rolling hills of southeast Minnesota. River Park and River Wood Hills are identical housing districts. River Park has a decentralized wastewater system that is failing. The wastewater system is a “FAST” system and was in need of constant repair and was not meeting permit parameters for nitrogen.

The project was referred by Minnesota Department Pollution Control Agency. Map staff started working with the Operator on how to change operational methods to decrease the nitrogen results.

MAP staff came up with a way to use a pump to return activated wastewater to the beginning potion of the treatment sytem. This helped with the nitrification and improved the final effluent. This was done without expirecing any additional cost. Cold weather operational tips were followed and the system was prevented from freezing over which had been a major problem in the past. Currently, the system is meeting all their wastewater permit parmaters. The sytem’s wastewater operator has expressed gratitude for the simple and effective advice that MAP provided.

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