Rate Setting & Affordability

Formulate Great Rates: A Webcast on Setting Rates in Small-Community Utilities (Part 1)

Formulate Great Rates: A webcast on setting rates in small-community utilities (Part 1) from RCAP on Vimeo.


A recorded webcast that is a companion to RCAP’s Formulate Great Rates: The Guide to Conducting a Rate Study for a Water System. The printed guide, the main piece in the family of resources on setting rates in small-community water or wastewater utilities, discusses developing a fair and equitable rate structure and walks users step-by-step through various worksheets in a process to calculate rates. It also provides guidance on financial management of a system related to rates as a system’s income stream.

This webinar features two RCAP field staff members who are experts in helping utilities set user rates. They walk through the guide in a workshop-style presentation, using a PowerPoint presentation containing additional video explanations by others who speak about their experience and expertise in setting rates. The two trainers help users of the print version of the guide better understand the concepts presented and explain many of the more challenging segments of the guidebook.

Ideal for those about to embark on a rate-setting process:

  • an individual, such as a leader of a utility or mayor, to watch alone
  • a group, such as the board or governing body of a utility, to watch together