What’s the connection between water service and jobs?

August 4, 2011 | Emergency, Planning

In the fifth of a six-part series titled "America's Mayors: Governing In Tough Times," National Public Radio aired a story August 4 titled "Progress And Promise For A Town Once In Crisis" that features the mayor of a small city – Marion, Ind.

In the story, the mayor speaks about tough economic times and what he has done to retain and attract jobs to his city.

He demonstrates the connection between water systems in communities, cities and towns and jobs, but you need to read or listen to the very end of the story to hear it.

What the mayor mentions is what RCAP is all about – assisting small, rural communities in their efforts to upgrade their water or wastewater systems, helping them secure federal or state funding to do it, and supporting these efforts in communities, which helps undergird the economic development of those communities. To put it simply, you can't develop your economy (create jobs) without basic infrastructure in your community, including water and wastewater services.

Read or listen to the story