The National Office

Manages the Network's National Programs

Develops Policy and Position Papers for the RCAP Network

Represents the RCAP Network before Federal Agencies and Congress

Coordinates other Networks in support of RCAP's Mission and Programs

Collaborates with other Organizations and associations on issues of concern to rural communities

policy development and advocacy on rural issues, especially with respect to community infrastructure

applied research

sharing of knowledge and best practices across the network

promoting dialog to help communities understand the relationship between the environment, public health, and economic viability

visibility-raising activities for RCAP both within the network to promote common work and outside the network with various audiences

representing the RCAP network (and coordinating representatives from RCAP regions) on governmental and nongovernmental committees and workgroups, including issue-focused groups managed by funding agencies

organizing national conferences that offer training and continuing education for staff

RCAP is a national network of nonprofit organizations working to ensure that rural and small communities through the United States have access to safe drinking water and sanitary wastewater and solid waste disposal. The RCAP National Office secures funding for and manages a variety of programs to accomplish this goal.

Our programs and services

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