Wasting water is weird

August 25, 2011 | Environment, EPA, Pollution

WaterSense partners Kohler and Lowe's, as part of a larger coalition of water-conscious organizations, have launched a new public-service campaign called Wasting Water is Weird.  The campaign features tips from the WaterSense program and links to the website for additional water-saving information.  It is already running online and will soon launch on television.  It's a positive, humorous message delivered by Rip the Drip, who shows up just when using water becomes wasting water – and that's when things get weird.

Want to help? Check out the videos and meet Rip.  You can like Rip the Drip on Facebook and follow him on Twitter @RipTheDrip. Then tell all your friends and family to do the same!  Your role is vital to help bring attention to the issue and ultimately help change behavior for the better.

Thanks for your help, and remember: Wasting Water is Weird!