Washington Post: ‘Flushable’ personal wipes clogging sewer systems, utilities say

September 9, 2013 | Congress, EPA

One of the issues that RCAP cares about is going mainstream! It's getting attention by the media and thus the general public. An article appeared on the front page of the Sunday Washington Post on Sept. 8.

The article begins:

"Next time you go to toss that 'flushable' wipe in the toilet, you might want to consider a request from your sewer utility: Don’t.

Sewer agencies in the Washington area and across the country say the rapidly growing use of pre-moistened 'personal' wipes — used most often by potty-training toddlers and people seeking what’s advertised as a more 'thorough' cleaning than toilet paper — are clogging pipes and jamming pumps. "

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This article came out just as RCAP was releasing a new video, part of a series of six videos, about what customers of a wastewater system should and should not do to protect the system – their system: