Washington Post: Brief profile of EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson

June 20, 2011 | Emergency, Guide, Planning

The June 12, 2011, Washington Post Magazine featured a brief personal profile of EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson. She explains in her own words in the magazine's weekly "First Person Singular" column how she developed her affinity for science and the need to support women in traditionally men's roles. Jackson says:

"The best scientists are very much compassionate; they’re very much humanists, and they understand that man and mankind, womankind, are part of the ecosystem, so we have to do our part and protect it."

RCAP receives an annual grant from EPA, which makes up part of RCAP's operations budget. With these EPA funds, RCAP employs technical assistance providers across the country who assist small, rural communities with their technical, managerial and financial needs related to their water and wastewater systems at no charge to the communities because of EPA's support. RCAP is grateful to EPA for this support and partnership in ensuring clean, safe water for all residents of rural areas.

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