Straight From the TAP – Tony Dvorak

January 3, 2019 | General RCAP News

Today’s #StraightFromTheTAP comes from our Southeastern region, SERCAP. Tony Dvorak has only been working with RCAP for 7 months, but he brought with him over 34 years of expertise working as a DEP state certified water plant operator as a Chief Operator for many different plants. These experiences led to Dvorak becoming the solo lead of operations for a nanofiltration plant located in Cross City, FL. He uses his acquired skills now as an RCAP Technical Assistance Provider based in Florida.

Coming from years on the operations side of utilities, Dvorak enjoys being able to give back to utilities by providing trainings to community members involved with their water systems. He finds great value in knowing these trainings and assistance keep communities safe and provide the best possible water and environment for citizens. Thank you, Tony, for all of the hard work and dedication you’ve shown to improve quality of life, starting at the tap.