Straight From the TAP – Michael Novac

November 4, 2019 | Blog, General RCAP News

Michael Novac is a Senior Rural Development Specialist with RCAP’s partner, Great Lakes Community Action Partnership (GLCAP). Based out of Indiana, Michael has been part of the RCAP network for 18 years.

Michael started his career in the water/wastewater industry as a city planner in Indianapolis while working on his Master’s Degree. He then spent 11 years as a Public Works Director and six years as an operational consultant for both water and wastewater treatment systems.

When asked what his favorite part about working in the RCAP network, Michael responded, “I’ve enjoyed working on environmental issues that affect rural communities in regard to their ability to acquire clean water and adequately dispose of their wastewater. The health of rural communities can be exceptionally challenging due to demographics and require patience and understanding of their specific needs,”

“I especially appreciate when community members feel as though I am one of their own. RCAP allows me to assist these communities and challenges us to increasingly look at better, more innovative ways to assist our rural communities.”

Thank you, Michael, for all of the hard work and dedication you’ve shown to improve the quality of life, starting at the tap.