Straight from the TAP – Lisa Totten

September 30, 2020 | General RCAP News

Lisa Totten is a Senior Rural Development Specialist for the Great Lakes Rural Community Action Partnership (GLCAP) in Wisconsin. She has been with the organization since April, 2010.

Prior to GLCAP, Lisa obtained Economic Development training through the National Development Center. She has also worked as a Business Manager, and Controller in the past.

When asked about her favorite part about working in the RCAP Network, Lisa responded, “I’m able to help communities that truly need assistance and who appreciate everything you do for them.  I’m able to say in my own little way that I helped.”

Lisa aims to continue assisting communities in building their financial and managerial capacity, play a role in building on RCAP’s strengths, and be a strong supportive team member.

Thank you, Lisa, for all of the hard work and dedication you’ve shown to improve rural quality of life, starting at the tap.