Straight from the TAP – Katrina Hiott

February 24, 2021 | General RCAP News

Katrina Hiott is a Rural Development Specialist II in Northern California with RCAP’s western partner, Rural Community Assistance Corporation (RCAC). She has been employed with RCAC for three years.

Prior to working with RCAC and the water industry, Katrina pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Resource Science at UC Davis, worked on the Eastern Shore of Maryland teaching Ocean and Environmental education, and then attended Hood College in Frederick, Maryland, for her graduate degree. Following the conclusion of her studies, Katrina began working with one of the local counties in California, which was a local primacy agency that regulated the small systems that are 200 connections or less. “I got really interested in it and thought it was very important work,” she explained.

During her work with the local counties, she was introduced to RCAC through attending some of their free workshops and decided “rather than being a regulator, I wanted to be more able to be out there helping people.” Since starting at RCAC, Katrina explained her favorite parts of being a TAP include: being able to provide resources for the communities, the diverse funding sources that allow TAPs to help people with almost everything, and most importantly training people both internally and externally.

“I feel like I’m only one person, and I can make a difference, but I can make a bigger difference by sharing my knowledge and experience with other people”

Katrina’s future goals are to continue growing in her leadership skills and continuing to mentor and share her experience with other TAPs. Thank you, Katrina, for all of the hard work and dedication you’ve shown to improve the quality of life, starting at the tap.

Below you’ll find our interview in full, including her favorite teaching moment and us talking about an urbanite adjusting to living on a rural water system!

Straight from the TAP Interview