Straight From The TAP – Jesse Campbell

February 1, 2019 | Blog, General RCAP News

Today’s #StraightFromTheTAP spoke with Jesse Campbell, a Private Well Lead and Technical Assistance Provider working out of all nine states in our Midwestern region. Campbell works in all nine states in the region, and has been with MAP for four years. He brought with him to the network years of service working with veterans and developmentally disabled individuals.

As a well owner for more than 15 years, Campbell has performed over 220 private well assessments throughout the Midwest. He plans and delivers seminars, trainings and workshops for well owners and provides them with the resources they need to protect public health. In addition to working with well owners, Campbell works with small drinking water and wastewater systems providing information, resources, expertise and technical assistance. His favorite part about working in the RCAP network is the flexibility to work with communities where and when they need them, eliminating barriers to assistance. Thank you, Jesse, for all of the hard work and dedication you’ve shown to improve quality of life, starting at the tap.