Straight From the Tap – J Bunderson

January 5, 2019 | Blog, General RCAP News

J. K. Bunderson, a Technical Assistance Provider, has been with our Midwestern RCAP for four years. Before joining RCAP, Bunderson worked as a Civil Engineer with the Bureau of Reclamation and the Bureau of Land Management. In this position he developed, implanted and maintained Standard Operating Procedures, Emergency Action Plans, Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasures Plans and Continuity of Operations plans. Bunderson uses these previous experiences in his current position to bring multiple fields of expertise to the RCAP network.

His favorite aspect of the RCAP network is being able to see positive quality of life improvements in rural America. Through his work with Federal, Tribal, State, County and Local agencies, he has continued to be a leader in the industry and the RCAP network is lucky to have him on our team. Thank you, J, for all of the hard work and dedication you’ve shown to improve quality of life, starting at the tap.