Straight From the TAP – Bud Mason

November 19, 2018 | Blog, General RCAP News

Today’s #StraightFromTheTap shines some light on Charles “Bud” Mason, a Senior Rural Development Specialist working out of our Great Lakes Region. Mason has been with the RCAP network for the past nine years. He has an extensive list of over 30 years of experiences working with water systems in technical, financial and managerial roles. Mason was enthusiastic to make the move to RCAP where he could combine all these skills he had acquired into a role helping others. He has played a leadership role in “Field Days” throughout the region, providing hands-on training and field demonstrations to water operators and staff.

Mason liked the idea of working for RCAP, but he knew it was the place for him when he saw a cartoon in the RCAP project development guidebook that his Dad was also fond of. He enjoys the relationships he has made throughout his career with the people he serves. Thank you, Bud, for all of the hard work and dedication you’ve shown to improve quality of life, starting at the tap.