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WAPA Required to Revise Compliance Plans

February 28, 2011 |

US Virgin Islands

WAPA required to comply with provisions of the Safe Drinking Water Act

Revisions and GIS locations of all sampling points and production facilities undertaken with WAPA personnel

In late 2008 the US Virgin Islands Department of Environmental Protection asked for revisions to WAPA’s Bacteriological Site Monitoring Plans for St. Thomas/St. John and St. Croix. These are required for compliance with the Total Coliform and the Ground Water rules among others.

Like most small and medium-systems in the US, WAPA is challenged by the concurrent needs of providing reliable, secure potable water and complying with Federal and Territorial regulations and, more than most since WAPA must maintain plant and personnel on three separate landmasses.

In keeping with the RCAP Solutions (RCAPS) strategy for the Virgin Is-lands a working group of WAPA and RCAPS  personnel was created and the revisions undertaken:

  1. A schedule of compliance was negotiated with DPNR to allow existing staff to complete the plans.
  2. Necessary field work was undertaken by the RCAPS- WAPA team.
  3. WAPA staff were trained in necessary techniques and methods:
    a. GPS – locating sites to be mapped.
    b. GIS – production of thematic maps.
  4. Selection of sampling schedule, repeat sampling sites and justifications; these included detailed rationales for sites selection and schedule based on system char-acteristics and relative risk.

Plans were produced in a timely fashion and submitted and approved by DEP/DPNR at minimal cost to the Authority while WAPA personnel gained valuable skills and useful databases were produced for subsequent work of a similar nature.