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Town of Accident Hoping to Maintain Compliance

April 29, 2010 |
Problem: A Maryland Department of Environment consent order for failing sewerage collection and treatment system
Solution:  Rehabilitate sewer collection system, manholes, lateral lines and upgrade wastewater treatment plant while keeping user rates affordable


The Town of Accident is located near Deep Creek Lake in Garrett County, Md., bordering the states of West Virginia and Pennsylvania. Accident is a small, rural community with 353 residents. The median household income (MHI) is $21,250. This is the lowest MHI in Garrett County and well below the state average.

Accident was placed under a complaint and consent order issued by the State of Maryland Department of Environment (MDE) to correct deficiencies in its sewer collection and treatment system. The current sewer collection system and wastewater treatment plant is very antiquated and out of date. With such a small, low-income population, the town is struggling to maintain sustainability and compliance while keeping user rates affordable.
The Southeast RCAP Technical Assistance Provider (TAP) has been very actively engaged with this project since February 2002 and has:
  • assisted in securing Phase I and Phase IB project funding in the amount of $2,940,100
  • coordinated meetings to review the project with the U.S. Department of Agriculture, MDE, Community Development Block Grant managers, the town and engineers
  • assisted in completion of environmental reports
  • served as project administrator for construction
  • provided project updates to the town’s elected officials
  • researched and submitted funding applications for the remaining $2,750,000 waste water treatment plant upgrade
  • successfully completed the environmental project per the MDE consent order in lieu of direct fines
  • assisted the town manager in planning an annual water and sewer budget