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New Sewer System Provides Improved Environment to Local Residents

February 21, 2011 |

Greenacres County Water & Sewer District near Kalispell, Flathead County, Montana
The Greenacres Water District has a failing water distribution system in the small, low-income water district.
Midwest Assistance Program (MAP) helped the water district secure funding for new upgrades and continues to assist with operating, rate setting, managing and maintaining the utility.





Residents of Greenacres County Water and Sewer District located south east of Kalispell, Montana will soon have a more reliable water system. Prior to a proposed water system upgrade to the distribution system and well house, the system had outages due to non-working main valves and service line shut-off valves. These non-working and often unknown valve locations have required system wide shut downs to repair water mains and service lines.

Greenacres County Water and Sewer District comprises some 163 residential service connections and has three water wells for the supply of potable water to its residents.

Replacement of Well House #2, an often mentioned concern in the Montana Department of Environmental Quality sanitary surveys, is scheduled for replacement as well as the abandonment of the failed water well which will provide a safe source of potable water for the district. With help from MAP in September 2010, Greenacres County Water District has secured funding from the Montana Department of Natural Resources and the Montana State Revolving Fund.
MAP also helped Greenacres County Water District in adoption of bylaws, rates and has aided the system and its proactive board members with locating and finding non-operating valves and service line valves. MAP has also aided the Water District to unsnarl the complexities of funding, managing and operating the system. MAP worked with the Greenacres board of directors and its engineers in the final design of the project.