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Midwest Assistance Program Assists Coleman, SD

April 5, 2013 |

Text below courtesy of the website of the Office of Community Services of the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services

Grantees of the Administration for Children and Families [which the Office of Community Services falls under; this office gives RCAP regions annual grants directly] Rural Community Development (RCD) program provide training and technical assistance on safe, affordable water and waste water systems in low-income communities and tribal areas, many with populations at or below 2,500 people. Unlike large, urban areas with dedicated staff to address water needs and manage and maintain systems, these small communities often have a shortage of experienced and professional staff.

One successful RCD grantee is the Midwest Assistance Program (MAP) [the Midwest RCAP]. MAP provides on-site technical, managerial and financial assistance to rural and tribal communities in Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana and Wyoming.

The City of Coleman, South Dakota, requested MAP assistance to help address discrepancies in water records, water main breaks and areas of stagnant water.  The city’s current water meters had become obsolete and unserviceable. MAP helped the city develop and submit the State Water Plan Application and funding applications.  MAP helped secure funds for additional meter and water main projects, and they will help the City of Coleman repair and/or replace all the water mains in the entire community.

With funding from ACF’s RCD program, MAP continues to work with the community as part of the Water Main Project and helps to ensure that the people of the City of Coleman have a safe, secure and clean water and wastewater infrastructure.