Private Wells

February 9, 2016 |

Training and Technical Assistance for Private Well Owners to Help Improve Water Quality (Funding from US Environmental Protection Agency)

Approximately 30 million Americans receive their drinking water from private wells. Protection of private wells does not fall under the authority of the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA), so these well owners often face challenges including where to go or whom to contact for good and timely information and technical assistance on all aspects of private well ownership, including well construction, operation, maintenance, testing, local and state health requirements as well as other relevant regulations or programs, local ground water quality concerns, and well emergency contacts and procedures.

Under EPA National Priority Area 4, RCAP has partnered with the Illinois State Water Survey and Illinois Water Resources Center at the University of Illinois (UI) to provide training and technical assistance to owners and managers of private drinking water wells. The objective is to protect the quality of water in private drinking water wells and to protect water quality by minimizing contamination via drinking water wells. Technical assistance is being provided on-site as well as through phone and electronic communications. Training for private well owners is being accomplished through multimedia learning, face-to-face presentations, and webinars.