Drinking Water Compliance

February 9, 2016 |

Training and Technical Assistance for Small Drinking Water Systems to Achieve and Maintain Compliance through Assessing and Addressing Deficiencies (Funding from US Environmental Protection Agency)

The project, which addresses EPA National Priority Area 1, provides compliance-based, capacity-building training and technical assistance for operators, board members, and managers of tribal and non-tribal small community and non-community water systems with the objective of protecting human health by reducing exposure to contaminants in drinking water. The project targets small public water systems (those serving populations of fewer than 10,000 people). RCAP has partnered with the American Water Works Association (AWWA), University of Illinois (UI), Inter Tribal Council of Arizona, Inc. (ITCA), and United South and Eastern Tribes, Inc. (USET). In addition to traditional training and technical assistance activities, the unique aspects of the RCAP approach include an analysis of drinking water system failures and the root causes of those failures, and a way of reaching remote water systems through “Distance Assistance.”