SERCAP partners with Tri-County Community Action Agency to implement Watershed Improvement Plan

November 4, 2014 | General RCAP News

SERCAP is partnering with Tri-County Community Action Agency in Halifax County to implement the Watershed Improvements Plan for the Banister River watershed. SERCAP’s focus is to assist the team with workshops in the community targeting residences with failing septic systems or with no treatment systems (pit privies, straight pipes) to improve the water quality in this impaired waterway. SERCAP will present basics of septic system operation, how to maintain their systems, and do’s and don’ts of what to put in a home septic system. SERCAP will also provide information on our individual loan and grant programs to assist homeowners cover the costs of system installation and repairs not covered under the Va DEQ grant program.

These actions will positively impact the environmental health of the area and the health of the residents themselves as more residents make use of proper septic systems that will decrease the polution of the local groundwater making the tap water cleaner. The implementation of these improvements will also help to maintain and / or create jobs for the local contractors hired to complete the construction portion of these projects.