The online RCAP Resources Library has a variety of resources that are useful to small, rural drinking water and wastewater systems.

Your Role as a Customer in Your Community’s Wastewater System

How many times a day do you use your community’s wastewater system? Every time you use your kitchen or bathroom sink, flush the toilet, take a shower, or wash dishes or clothes, you are creating wastewater. It leaves your home to be treated (cleaned) and returned to the environment. This treatment is a critical service that many communities (its government or a utility) provide for their residents.

You, as a resident and creator of wastewater, are a customer of your community’s wastewater system. The treatment process for your community exists for you and because of you. And it exists to treat wastewater so that the public’s health and the environment’s health can be protected. Therefore, it is to your benefit to know and understand a bit about the treatment system. This video (and other videos about wastewater that RCAP has produced) helps customers do that and is meant to encourage customers to respect the treatment system from its starting point in their homes so that the whole system can work properly and last for a long time.

A wastewater treatment system is out of sight, out of mind for most people, but it is part of our daily lives. If your community has a centralized treatment system (a single plant that treats everybody’s wastewater), it is one of the most expensive assets that your community owns. And you as a resident are part of that system and pay for it, so you can benefit from this video and what it can teach you about the system.