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Violence and Discrimination against Asian Americans – Full Statement from RCAP

RCAP stands firmly against violence, harassment, or discrimination. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, Asian hate crimes, violence and discrimination against Asian-Americans has increased by 150%. This discrimination and violence has occurred in all types of communities across the nation. Sadly, Xenophobia and Sinophobia are not new to the history of this country and recent rhetoric has further harmed Americans of Asian heritage across the country including those in our own communities and the rural communities RCAP serves. An Asian-American woman in rural Minnesota experienced harassment in the grocery store when she was told she “looked diseased” and that it would be good for the government “to send them back.” Another incident resulted in the murder of a Chinese man in Oakland, CA. A tragic act of violence that took the lives of six Asian women in Atlanta on March 16 is being investigated as a potentially racially motivated crime. RCAP condemns these disturbing acts of violence against Asian Americans in all communities across the country.

Our work at RCAP reflects our core values of respecting people of all backgrounds and honoring the diversity that is Rural America. The communities we serve have many faces, experiences, languages, histories, religions, and backgrounds that all contribute beautiful, unique, and important elements to our country.

Please join us as we elevate important issues and voices that face unjust stigma, bias and discrimination, and continue our learning and work as it relates to racial equity and justice. Let’s be part of the tough conversations and solutions needed to mend America, especially rural communities. RCAP will always stand against hate, and we support our Asian American neighbors in both rural and urban communities.

If you would like to learn more about the issue and how to advocate against violence against Asian communities, please check out the resources below:

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