The online RCAP Resources Library has a variety of resources that are useful to small, rural drinking water and wastewater systems.

From the Well to the Tap – Budgeting for the Full Cost of Drinking Water Service (1 Hour Webinar)

Your drinking water rates should cover all your costs of providing water service today and should also allow you to prepare and plan for providing that service for many years to come. This webinar discussed how to identify all your utility’s expenses, how to budget for them, and how to divide expenses like salaries between the enterprise fund and the general fund. The material in this webinar is best suited for individuals who are involved in the rate-setting and financial management of water systems.

Presenters included:
• Bridget Harris, Rural Development Specialist II, Rural Community Assistance Corporation
• Glenn Barnes, Financial and Managerial Capacity Building Specialist, RCAP

A certificate of attendance was issued to webinar participants for 1 hour of instruction (generated for active participation via GoToWebinar).

You can view the slide deck here.