RCAP signs onto coalition letter sent to Congress on Farm Bill

August 31, 2012 | Awards, Drinking Water, EPA, Treatment

The Coalition for a Renewed Rural Development, of which RCAP is a member, sent a letter on Aug. 30 to leaders of committees in Congress who are working on the Farm Bill.

The letter urged passage of the Farm Bill and inclusion of key rural development policy changes and funding that will be lost in any extension. 44 organizations signed onto the letter.

The letter reads in part:

"Our organizations commend you and your colleagues who are working to pass a bipartisan five-year comprehensive Farm Bill rather than a limited extension. An extension of the Farm Bill will end mandatory funding for rural development, renewable energy and beginning farmer/rancher programs. It will also eliminate the many positive policy changes found in the current Senate and House bills that will lead to greater return on federal investments and better projects at the local level. Our nation cannot afford to eliminate these critical investments or miss this opportunity to make positive policy reforms."

Read the letter