RCAP part of large group that asks the House: Why no rural development funding in the Farm Bill?

July 13, 2012 | General RCAP News

RCAP and RCAC, the Western RCAP, were among the 70 organizations that sent a letter asking the House Agriculture Committee this week to include funding in the Farm Bill for rural development. Since 1996, the Daily Yonder blog says, "Congress has included an average of $413 million in each Farm Bill for the Rural Development title.

The letter says:

"Creating jobs in rural America and ensuring the success of the next generation of farmers are national priorities. The Farm Bill’s Rural Development title, which authorizes essential grants and loan programs targeted at leveraging local initiatives to spur growth and opportunity in rural areas, is critical to advancing both of these priorities."

RCAP signed on to the letter because it is part of the Campaign for a Renewed Rural Development.

Read the full letter