RCAP Celebrates Drinking Water Week

May 8, 2017 | Drinking Water

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May 8, 2017


Contact: Bianca Poll

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Rural Community Assistance Partnership

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RCAP Celebrates Drinking Water Week

Washington, DC


Rural Community Assistance Partnership (RCAP), the American Water Works Association and water professionals across North America are kicking off Drinking Water Week today with the theme “Your Water – To Know It Is To Love It”.


RCAP, AWWA and the water community will celebrate Drinking Water Week by recognizing the vital role water plays in daily lives. Focus will be placed on ways in which water consumers can take personal responsibility in caring for their tap water and water infrastructure at home and in the community.


To commemorate the week, water utilities, government entities, environmental advocates, schools and other stakeholders will celebrate drinking water through public presentations, staff events and community festivals and provide information on how water consumers can understand and appreciate their water.


RCAP’s Executive Director, Robert Stewart, made some remarks regarding the annual celebration, “Too often we only hear about drinking water when there is some sort of failure in a municipal system.  What we don’t hear enough about is the tens of thousands of water utility professionals who are extremely dedicated and devoted to bringing Americans the best drinking water possible every day of the year.  Even with shortages in funding for public drinking water systems, these water professionals are working day and night to ensure that our tap water is free of contaminants and available on demand in any quantity required.  I would hope that during this week in particular we all remember the need for continued investment in our water systems and the continued support needed for the water operators who bring us all life-sustaining drinking water.”


About Drinking Water Week

For more information about Drinking Water Week, including free materials for download and celebration ideas, is available on the Drinking Water Week webpage (link).


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