RCAP Announces Partnership with Chris Long Foundation Focused on Providing Clean Water to US Communities

December 4, 2019 | General RCAP News

Washington, DC — The Chris Long Foundation is expanding the mission of its Waterboys initiative through the formation of a new domestic water program called “Hometown H2o,” foundation head Chris Long announced today. “Hometown H2o” will focus on providing clean water to low-income American communities, households, and schools that lack access to safe water. The program is being launched in partnership with two benefitting non-profit organizations, Rural Community Assistance Partnership (RCAP) and Water Well Trust, and with the support of corporate partners Xylem and Goulds Water Technologies.

“The RCAP network is proud and excited to partner with the Chris Long Foundation through the Hometown H2o program,”said RCAP CEO Nathan Ohle. “There is no place more important than schools for students and teachers to have access to safe drinking water. Through the Agua4All program, we ensure students stay hydrated and drink less sugary beverages, preparing them to succeed in school and lead healthier lives, while contributing to cutting back on plastic water bottle consumption, protecting the environment. This partnership with the Chris Long Foundation will continue our mission of serving rural communities and ensuring access to safe drinking water to communities across the United States.”

As with its efforts to provide clean, accessible drinking water to communities in need in developing countries, Waterboys will now raise awareness and encourage donations to support water projects domestically. Together with RCAP and Xylem, Waterboys will work to raise awareness about domestic water issues and the reality that 1.5 million people in the U.S. lack access to clean, safe drinking water at home, specifically threatening lower-income people in rural areas.“As we have grown our water focus internationally, it is important to me that we also serve rural communities across the United States that have a clear need for safe drinking water,” said Chris Long. “RCAP is the perfect organization for us to partner with because of their trusted relationships and on-the-ground experience in rural communities across the country. The Agua4All program is addressing a critical need in ensuring that students have access to safe drinking water, leading to academic success and healthier lifestyles. We are excited to partner with RCAP through our Hometown H2o program and look forward to building on this partnership in the future.”

A critical barrier to water access in rural and tribal communities is the lack of safe and drinkable water at schools and other community locations such as parks and libraries. Joining forces with RCAP’s Agua4All program, “Hometown H2o” will work to ensure students and teachers in rural communities have access to safe drinking water by installing water bottle filling stations and filtration stations in schools and other community-centered places. In these communities, local water supplies are frequently contaminated, leaving kids at risk for health effects, including obesity, and diabetes when water is replaced with sugary drinks.  Beyond health, lack of access to water for kids has other effects, including on academic performance when students are under-hydrated. The efforts of “Hometown H2o“ in partnership with RCAP will help reverse this trend and help kids achieve brighter futures.

Hometown H2o is the latest program from Waterboys, which has brought clean water to over 330,000 people in need since 2015 and has a goal to provide water to 1 million people worldwide.

To get involved, visit Waterboys.org/hometown or follow Waterboys on social media at @WaterboysORG.


About RCAP

RCAP is a national non-profit network providing opportunity, assistance, and practical guidance to small communities in all fifty states, U.S. territories, and tribal lands to ensure access to safe drinking water, sanitary wastewater disposal, and economic prosperity for all rural America. Rural Community Assistance Corporation (RCAC), the Western RCAP, launched the Agua4All pilot program in 2014 in California, and the team has installed more than 435 filling stations statewide. To learn more about RCAP, visit www.rcap.org.

About Agua4All

Agua4All was started by RCAP’s western partner, the Rural Community Assistance Corporation (RCAC) in 2014. The program raises awareness about California’s drinking water crisis, builds community partnerships to install water bottle filling stations in schools and neighborhoods where they’re needed most, identifies funding sources and develops long-term solutions for California’s water quality and access problems. Through the RCAP network, Agua4All is being expanded to additional states across the country, building off RCAC’s success in California.

About Waterboys

Founded in 2015 by two-time Super Bowl Champion Chris Long, Waterboys unites professional NFL and NBA athletes and fans from across the world in support of a single, shared cause: providing clean, accessible drinking water to 1 million people. By working together, players and fans can make a meaningful difference for communities in desperate need by funding sustainable clean water projects. These projects provide life-giving water and all that comes from it – including the opportunities for education, good health, and economic stability. Initially starting with projects in East Africa, Waterboys expanded its work in 2019 to also include U.S water projects. To date, Waterboys has raised over $4 million with the help of over 45 professional athletes, providing clean drinking water to more than 330,000 people as a result. To find out more, visit waterboys.org.

About The Chris Long Foundation

The Chris Long Foundation is a nonprofit, founded by two-time Super Bowl Champion and 2018 NFL Walter Payton Man of the Year Chris Long, dedicated to serving those most at risk, at home and abroad. Started in 2015, The Chris Long Foundation has engaged in both international and domestic programs focused around clean water, educational equity, and military support. The Foundation’s programs strive to generate impactful results by creating opportunities and providing resources, financial support, and meaningful experiences to those it serves. Visit chrislongfoundation.org to find out more.

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