Politico: U.S. on the verge of water anarchy (opinion)

October 23, 2012 | General RCAP News

An Oct. 16 editorial in Politico speaks about the Supreme Court's imminent decision whether or not to review a 10th Circuit case that essentially invalidates the interstate compact allocating the water of the Red River to the various states through which it flows. The case has potentially huge ramifications for the availability of water in states that signed other interstate compacts divvying up river water rights, especially the Colorado.

The editorial notes:

"Eighteen of the country’s fastest-growing metropolitan areas over the next decade, as projected by a Wharton School study, depend on water allocations from interstate compacts.

"Also at risk is the viability of Native American nations, as well as Western farmers and ranchers whose livelihoods and very existence depend on water from interstate compacts."

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