Politico: Main Content The GOP’s secret EPA love

March 7, 2011 | EPA, Regulations

On March 3, Politico ran a front-page article about Obama’s federal budget proposal and what it would do to the state revolving funds of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

RCAP’s regional partners, which carry out the national network’s work with small, rural communities, have these state revolving funds as one funding source that communities can access for their infrastructure projects. The RCAP network also receives funding from other EPA sources for its annual budget to carry out its work with communities.

The article reads:

The GOP’s secret EPA love

Republicans have spent a lot of time this year criticizing the EPA, so one would think that President Barack Obama’s proposal to cut $1.3 billion from its budget would be well-received.

Not quite.

For all their talk about the “job-killing” EPA, Republicans have a dirty little secret: They actually like many of the agency’s efforts, particularly bread-and-butter programs aimed at cleaning up drinking water and air pollution in their districts.

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