NPR: Poll Shows Rural Battlegrounds Backing Romney

September 24, 2012 | Disaster, Emergency, Preparedness

National news outlets, including NPR, reported Sept. 24 on the results of a poll showing the majority of rural areas are supporting Mitt Romney for president.

The NPR story, which aired on Sept. 24, begins:

"The nation's smallest and most remote places are providing Mitt Romney's biggest margins in battleground states as the 2012 presidential race enters its final weeks.

"In fact, rural counties are keeping Romney competitive in the states that are now up for grabs. That's what a new bipartisan survey indicates. The poll also finds that President Obama's rural support has plunged since 2008."

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Every four years, in advance of the presidential election, Rural Matters, RCAP's magazine, publishes a summary of the rural platforms of the Democratic and Republican candidates. Information on both candidates will be in the upcoming issue of the magazine. However, RCAP attempted to contact the Romney campaign multiple times and through various methods over a period of weeks and received no response. The magazine will run information that RCAP staff were able to gather on Romney's plan for rural America from his campaign website. The web version of Rural Matters will be available on this website later this week.