NPR: How Much Water Is There On Earth? Magellan Would Be Shocked

June 24, 2011 | Fracking, Hydraulic Fracturing, Water

Here's a fun science piece from NPR's "sciency blog":

It begins:

"Water feels good when we're thirsty, cools us when we're hot, looks great in a pond, a lake, a cloud. Because we ourselves are two-thirds water, we like the stuff, we're drawn to it. We search the universe looking for signs of water and when we look back at our planet, we are small and pale, yes, but we're dazzlingly blue.

It's good to be wet. Compared to our neighbors — Mars, Venus, the dust-dry Moon — we look the wettest. More than two thirds of our surface is ocean. Another twentieth is ice. Water, water, everywhere. We've got so much of it.

Or do we?"

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