RCAP is seeking additional private well owners to receive an in-person assessment (completed at your well) using our new private well assessment tool.

Well owners are often unaware of the possible causes of contamination to their water. Older wells may not be sealed properly near the surface or their source of water may be shallow and influenced by potential pollutant sources like feedlots, septic systems, and other land uses.
In partnership with an expert workgroup, our partners at the University of Illinois developed this assessment tool to provide a well owner with a comprehensive evaluation of the possible sources of contamination at or near their well. The tool is designed to be administered by water and environmental health professionals as a service to well owners. RCAP is currently working in roughly half of the states to complete 720 assessments by January 2017.

The assessment process will help a well owner understand the potential risks and vulnerabilities that might impact their drinking water. It considers site conditions, geology, land use practices, well construction, and maintenance to provide a well owner with a list of possible concerns, if any are found. Additionally, recommendations and best practices will be provided to help them keep their well and family safe from well contamination. RCAP staff will not be opening the well or sampling from your tap.

To nominate your well for an assessment, please send an email to Steve Wilson at sdwilson@illinois.edu with the following information:

Well Owner Name:
Well Owner Email:
Well Owner Phone:
Well Location:

We are happy to answer any questions you may have prior to submitting your information. Please also note that the assessments are free, but may be limited to certain geographic areas. Submissions will be forwarded to the appropriate RCAP region upon receipt.