New group: 10,000 Friends of Rural America

September 18, 2013 | General RCAP News

Sharing as information only – not an endorsement from RCAP:

Rural America needs friends in small towns and cities across this country, individuals who are willing to speak up for rural people and places, and ask their family, friends and co-workers to speak up too.

Rural America is more than the butt of reality TV jokes or an afterthought in public policy debates. It is the places that connect us and a diversity of people who work hard, pitch in and help out. Rural America is everyone's fresh air and clean water. And it is key to fueling our nation and feeding the world. Rural America has a role to play in building an economy where everyone does better, and that message isn't getting heard.

You can help fix this. Join 10,000 Friends of Rural America and encourage others who care to join too. Joining doesn't cost a thing. Respond when we send you messages on issues. Donate if you can.

Acting together, speaking in one voice, we can make rural America more visible and draw attention to its value. We can shine a light on the issues rural people and places face. We can motivate our country's leaders to give Rural America a fair shake. Please don't sit on the sidelines. Rural America needs friends like you. Become a friend.

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