Need a reason to drink plain old tap water?

July 26, 2010 | Drinking Water, EPA


We all love our half-caf soy double shot vanilla hazelnut lattes with whipped cream, but a recent article on the Men’s Health magazine website gives a compelling case as to why we should give up these indulgent beverages in favor of Mother Nature’s treat: water.
David Zinczenko lists six secrets the beverage industry doesn’t want you to know, horrifying factoids that show how our poor drink choices are wreaking havoc on our health.
Sugary, fatty, calorie-laden drinks account for up to 400 calories a day in average American’s diet! It’s not too late to save yourself from these drinking disasters. Make the simple switch to tap water.
In case these horror stories aren’t enough to scare you to the sink, here are a few more reasons to choose tap water:
  • It’s virtually free (You pay mere pennies on the gallon!)
  • It’s calorie, fat, and sugar- free, easily the healthiest drink option
  • Water is the most refreshing beverage choice
  • No hidden ingredients
  • Tap water is not packaged in potentially toxic containers
  • Only water can provide the most hydration in heat or during vigorous activity
RCAP is committed to providing clean, affordable tap water to all communities. We believe that the key to public health lies in access to proper water and work to assist communities in creating and maintaining their own sustainable water and wastewater system.
Still not sold? Check out Zinczenko’s article and read further onto his article of the 20 worst drinks in America. You may be surprised to see your favorite fast-food or coffee shop drink on there.