Materials for sessions at the RCAP National Conference

November 17, 2009 | General RCAP News


The 2009 RCAP national conference took place Sept. 15-17, 2009, in Arlington, Va.   Most of the conference’s program was in seven blocks of sessions, and each block offered three sessions on different topics. Most sessions had multiple presenters, who came from inside RCAP and outside agencies and organizations.   To facilitate the program and the sharing of what was presented at the conference in the general and topic-specific sessions, there is a space on the RCAP conference website where you can find:
  • documents that were to be read before a session
  • handouts distributed at the sessions
  • copies of the PowerPoint presentations delivered by the session presenters
You can find links to the above items on the page of conference program materials. Resources were posted there as session presenters made them available.  

This page will remain live through the end of December and will be removed in early January.