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Supplying Community Water



Ordinary citizens and residents of a small, rural communities sometimes find themselves on the council or board that oversees the community’s drinking water or wastewater system and don’t know what the role involves. There are responsibilities in the areas of management, personnel, finance and operations that must be taken on as a member of the highest governing body of the system. There are federal and state regulations to follow, some of which are costly to comply with. Sometimes there are major construction projects to undertake and manage. It is possible to step up to these responsibilities and to get help, including formal training, in carrying them out. RCAP is an organization that assists these leaders with technical, managerial and financial training and assistance as well as informational/educational materials and financial assistance.

This video talks about what being on a governing body involves. Although the video was produced many years ago, it is all still relevant today and speaks about many challenges that leaders in small communities still face.