Join the Drinking Water Strategy web dialogue: A new framework for addressing contaminants as group(s)

July 9, 2010 | General RCAP News

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Administrator, Lisa P. Jackson, has outlined four principles to provide greater protection of drinking water, one of which is to address contaminants as group(s).


On July 28-29, EPA will hold a web dialogue focused on addressing contaminants as a group. EPA welcomes your input on approaches EPA should consider when developing a framework to group contaminants. We invite everyone interested in safe drinking water to participate. This dialogue will provide an opportunity for participants to exchange information and share ideas. EPA will consider the feedback from this web dialogue and information from this exchange as it develops the agenda for the upcoming Drinking Water Strategy stakeholder meeting and the framework for addressing contaminants as group(s).


Please help get the word out by sharing this announcement with others. Registration for the July 28-29 web dialogue is open here.


More information on the four principles of the Drinking Water Strategy