Johnson Foundation Report Assess the Condition of US Water Systems and Recommends Course of Action

October 21, 2014 | General RCAP News

"Without significant changes, existing water systems will soon no longer be able to provide the services that citizens have come to expect. Recent water crises have illustrated that the economic and social consequences of inaction are far too great for this country and its communities. It is time to accelerate the adoption and implementation of the transformative solutions we know are possible," reads a report recently released by the Johnson Foundation, who spent 6-years convening over 600 experts on US freshwater issues as part of their Charting New Waters initiative, the culmination of which this report represents.

The report outlines the Johnson Foundation's vision for what is necessary for the country to meet water challenges and contains a set of principles to guide the efforts of those working to address water system and infrastructure issues. 

For the full Navigating to New Shores report, click here.