Hundreds Join RCAP Solutions in Puerto Rico Neighborhood Clean-Up

February 27, 2015 | General RCAP News

RCAP's regional partner, RCAP Solutions (Northeast RCAP), recently joined efforts with state and local government organizations, as well as academia, scouting, and general volunteers, to clean the Manzanilla community in the neighborhood Capitanejo Juana Diaz in Puerto Rico. On Saturday, January 31, 2015, hundreds of volunteers collected tires, furniture, plastics, and electronic equipment, among other items, which remained outdoors, impacting the Jacaguas River and the coast. Educational information on issues of recycling, the cessation of open burning, and water conservation, among other topics, was also displayed and discussed during the event.

Above: RCAP Solutions staff at the event

Below: Community members and RCAP Solutions staff participate in cleaning up the Jacaguas River.