Huffington Post Green Blog editorial: Fiscal cliff spending cuts threaten rivers and clean water

December 5, 2012 | General RCAP News

In an editorial on the Huffington Post's Green Blog, Wm. Robert Irvin, President, American Rivers, presents the case that the fiscal cliff spending cuts threaten rivers and clean water. HIs editorial begins:

"Unless President Obama and Congress reach a deal before the end of the year to avert taking the nation over the fiscal cliff, automatic spending cuts, known as sequestration, will go into effect.  These across-the-board cuts to federal programs could have devastating impacts on rivers and clean water."

Irvin also writes: "Programs administered by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to replace aging, leaky sewer pipes and to encourage the use of green infrastructure such as rain gardens and permeable pavement could be in jeopardy."

Read his full editorial