From the New York Times opinion page: The Nation’s Big Water Repair Bill

April 12, 2010 | General RCAP News

From the April 12 New York Times:

A New York Times series, “Toxic Waters,” has chronicled the problems of the nation’s drinking water supply, from worsening chemical contamination to the crumbling networks of pipes that are costing local and state governments more and more to repair.

The Environmental Protection Agency recently announced that it would tighten regulations on chemicals used by industry, and allow government scientists to issue rules that would apply to dozens of chemicals at a time, reversing a policy that essentially required them to examine pollutants one by one.

Will the regulatory changes help ease the widespread problems? How can the nation begin to address the prevalent risks, given the overwhelming financial costs?

The New York Times asked this question of four experts:

  • Alex Matthiessen, Riverkeeper Inc.
  • Carolyn Berndt, National League of Cities
  • Robert Morris, engineer and epidemiologist
  • Jeanne VanBriesen, civil and environmental engineering professor

Read their answers.