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Rural Home (5)

What: Rural Homecoming

When: Fall 2020

Where: Rural Communities

An annual event held occurring in mid-October, Rural Homecoming is an opportunity for rural communities to participate in a national celebration, and to invite their friends and family to celebrate what makes rural so special. An updated toolkit will be made available soon with virtual options to participate in Rural Homecoming.


What: RCAP Webinar - Wastewater Collection Systems Basics (1.5 Hours)

When: 12/15/20, 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM ET

Where: Virtual 

Please plan to attend this 1.5-hour webinar featuring 3 presentations from technical assistance providers working with communities. This webinar will review wastewater collection system basics including operation and maintenance, methods to check for inflow and infiltration, and best management practices for these systems. A certificate of attendance will be issued to webinar participants for 1.5 hours (generated for active participation via GoToWebinar).

1. “Collection System Basics” by Pablo Figueroa, Regional Environmental Manager (Arizona), and Jason Carman, Rural Development Specialist (Oregon), Regional RCAC (Rural Community Assistance Corporation):
"Basic operation of wastewater collection systems including gravity design, scouring velocity, jetting/rodding, and lift station maintenance."

2. “Attacking I&I - Smoke Testing in a Connected World" by Joe Lawrie, Senior Rural Development Specialist (Ohio), GLCAP (Great Lakes Community Action Partnership):
"Brief review of methods to check for I&I (inflow & infiltration) with a case-study of the smoke testing methodology used with map-centric data collection and report generation."

3. “Collection System Best Management Practices” by Cesario Vela, Community Environmental Management Specialist (Texas), CU (Communities Unlimited):
"Summary of best management practices for wastewater collection systems including sewer mapping, hydraulic modeling, flow and rainfall monitoring, fats, oil, and grease (FOG) program, collection system maintenance program, sewer system condition assessment and rehabilitation program, and contingency and emergency response plans."

What: RCAP 2021 Fly-In

When: February 22-25, 2021

Where: Virtual

RCAP staff and rural community members from across the country will travel to Capitol Hill to meet with elected representatives to discuss issues facing rural America. Click here for more information, including the draft agenda.

RCAP national conference

What: RCAP 2021 National Conference

When: August 16-19, 2021

Where: Chicago, Illinois, or virtual

The RCAP National Conference is an opportunity for technical assistance providers from across the country to gather together and discuss common challenges, issues and opportunities faced in rural communities. More information to come.




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Drop of Knowledge

New website about drinking water issues available to small communities

By rcapadmin | Nov 17, 2009

Graphic for The Water We Drink campaignA new website featuring free articles and educational resources to increase awareness about crucial water and wastewater issues is now available.
The site, located at, is part of “The Water We Drink: Small Community Outreach Campaign,” which offers information a

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New finance staffer in the national office

By rcapadmin | Nov 17, 2009


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Seeking broader horizons: RCAP submits broadband funding application

By rcapadmin | Nov 17, 2009

Originally posted on the RCAP news blog on Aug. 21, 2009

Under the Broadband Technology Opportunities Program, RCAP has submitted an application for $36 million to provide technical assistance and training to small, rural, unserved and underserved communities in all aspects of sustainable broadband adoption development and deployment. RCAP also proposes to provide loans to eligible communities to finance pre-development costs such as feasibility studies and pre-construction expenses associated with funding awards. 


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RCAP in the news: A new idea is taking root in Pasadena (Houston Chronicle article)

By rcapadmin | Nov 16, 2009

Taken from the Nov. 16, 2009, issue of the Houston Chronicle.

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Welcome to RCAP’s new news blog

By rcapadmin | Nov 13, 2009

Welcome to RCAP’s new news blog!

This blog is a new way to share news and information from the RCAP national office. It will pave the way to the new, improved national RCAP website, which we are working on now. The blog will become part of the new website when it debuts under a new design this fall.
Please bookmark this blog and come back often.

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